DIY Sewing Projects- Scented Pillows and Sachets Are Irresistable

DIY Sewing Projects- Scented Pillows and Sachets Are Irresistable

Keep your closets and drawers smelling irresistibly fresh with scented sachets. As the scent of lavender is often times therapeutic, drawer and closet sachets can be easily made for yourself or to give as gifts. Fabric Fast Online Fabric Store

Find a piece of classy fabric of your choice and design, and cut to desired size. Sew around all sides (right sides together), leaving one small section of the fabric open to fill with your scented beads. Depending on the strength of your scent, you can mix dried lavender with a bit of dry rice for a softer scent, or you can add a few drops of lavender oil to intensify the scent. The same is true of vanilla or any other fragrance. Once filled, simply sew the remaining portion of your sachet to close it up. You could make different versions in rectangular shapes for an eye pillow to soothe headaches or use when drifting off to sleep for a deep sense of relaxation.

Sachets can be used in drawers for fresh scented linens, in gym bags to alleviate the smell of perspiration, in purses or tote bags, or hung in closets or any area of your home, work or car. A beautiful embroidered napkin could be used to make a sachet, or you could use any type of fabric, fill, and tie the sachet with a pretty ribbon for a more elegant appearance.

Fabric Fast Online Fabric StoreSachets are simple to make and can be given as gifts for moms, grandmothers, sisters, friends, co-workers, or teachers. Inexpensive yet elegant and practical, sachets are sure to please anyone. Make and use for stocking stuffers, a housewarming, or those last minute gifts. Nothing says fresh like the smells of a breezy meadow on a summer day, soothing like the scent of lavender, sparkling like the fragrance of lemon, or inspiring like the smell of clean linen hung on the line or right from the dryer.

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