Bright and Elegant Fabric Ornaments

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fabric fast online fabric storeWith the holidays approaching, what a perfect time to decorate your windows or tree with delicate ornaments. Elegant, yet fun, these ornaments can give your home and tree the look you desire as well as add a little class.

Cut simple desired shapes from fabric. Depending on the weight of your fabric, it may be necessary to use some fusible interfacing to give it firmness and support. If you are using cotton, you may find it best to sew two shapes together with either interfacing or a small piece of heavy cardstock or cardboard in between the layers. Sew around the edges and embellish with embroidery floss, beads, glitter, or crystal accents. You can vary the sizes and colors of your ornaments for a pretty display.

Another fun ornament idea would be to cut desired shapes as above, sew right sides together leaving a small space open to fill. Once sewn, turn the ornament right side out, push out the edges and corners, and fill with batting to give your ornament a “puffy” look. Once filled, sew the opening. Top it off with some pretty ribbon and beads to hang. This ornament can be decorated to fit your specific theme or as a single unique piece.

Fabric Ornaments- fabric fastPerhaps you have young children at home or a Sunday School class in need of a project. Have the ornaments sewn and ready for them to decorate and fill. Wouldn’t this give them the perfect opportunity to take home and wrap up as a Christmas gift for mom or grandma?

The options and ideas are endless. Whether hanging from a window or on your tree, these ornaments are simple and fun. They can be elegant or child-like, be cut in shapes to celebrate the Christmas season, or a fun animal or other shape to display year-round. Maybe you could make some bigger shapes or letters decorated to the theme of your child’s room, attach a long string, and hang from the ceiling for a different display.

Whatever event you choose, make it fun, use your creativity, and involve your family for an easy, fun, and wonderful gift-giving idea or to use in your own home. Let the holiday spirit ring!

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Fabric Covered Magnets- Fun Projects from Fabric Fast Online Fabric Store

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Fabric Fast Online Fabric Store shows you how to create a fun and funky, yet easy and versatile, fabric covered magnets that can be made in a matter of minutes to dress up your fridge, magnetic board or office. They can also be given as gifts for teachers, book club friends, co-workers, and even Secret Santa! This quick and easy project is a great way to use scraps of fabric and is quite inexpensive to make.

online fabric store fabric covered magnets

You will need just a few items: scrap fabric, round wooden chips, buttons, maybe some scraps of plywood or thick cardboard, Mod Podge®, a paint brush, hot glue gun, and small magnets. You are now ready – let the fun begin!

Simply paint a coat of Mod Podge® to the wooden chip or whatever backing material you are using. Once painted, simply place your scrap fabric on top and smooth out. If you wish for a particular portion of your fabric to show, obviously you will need to center appropriately. Smooth out and bring the edges of the fabric around to the back and Mod Podge® into place. Once dry, get your magnet ready for gluing. Typically hot glue or Gorilla Glue® works best for a firm hold. Place the magnet right on top of the glue and you are set!

These magnets can be made into different colors, shapes, or numbers for preschool age children. They can be thematic such as footballs and baseballs for boys and soccer and volleyballs for girls, or even something to match the theme and colors of your kitchen. For the office, find some bright colors to remind those inside of the beautiful sunny weather outside. If you choose to give as gifts for Secret Santa festivities, a winter or holiday theme could be used.

online fabric store fabric covered magnets1

If you wish to really be creative, take a cookie sheet or other metal object, cover with fabric and give matching magnets as a gift to keep track of after school activities, homework assignments, chores, or a grocery list. Another simple yet creative and fun idea may be to cover one side of a clothes pin and attach a magnet to the back side. This will not only serve as a magnet but as a clip as well.

Don’t throw out those unused scraps of fabric. Instead, use them up and be creative! After all, what young child doesn’t find enjoyment lining up magnets on the bottom of the refrigerator? They think it’s great fun, yet it can be educational as well! And what woman would turn away something to help in organizing her home, children, and life? Don’t limit your creativity—give it your all and STICK TO IT!

You can find your fabric for these fabric covered magnets here on! We’ve got fabric prints for all ages and for every occasion and style. Our online fabric store was created to exceed your expectations with our large selection, friendly service, fast delivery, and unmatched value. Visit Fabric Fast, and start creating!


Fabric Fast Tips- Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table With Creativity

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the excitement builds as many delight in watching parades and football, while others just can’t wait for the “Black Friday” ads to finally hit their doorstep. Flyers in hand, they plan their strategies to head out into the frigid wee morning hours, dodge the traffic and crazy shoppers, and work their way to the front of the line for the limited number of the latest electronics or other tantalizing yet limited treasures available.

For others, Thanksgiving has a different meaning. It may mean a day to truly give thanks for all they have been blessed with; family, friends, food, clothing, and shelter. It may mean a day of preparing a traditional meal to share with friends and relatives. A peaceful day of soaking in the warmth of a fireplace quietly burning, the aroma of a turkey slowly roasting in the oven, hot coffee and Pumpkin pie, and a beautifully decorated table and/or home befitting the day.

Sewing Fabric Fabric Fast Online StoreA beautifully decorated table or home need not break your pocketbook if you spark your creativity. If an elegant Thanksgiving table is what you prefer, you can drag out your lace tablecloth and decorate with crystal bowls in the center of the table filled with fall colors of pumpkins, gourds, acorns, or mums. Fall colored cloth napkins can be made in a minimal amount of time. Top it off with a couple of candles and you’ve created a festive ambiance pleasing to the eye.

If you choose to go with a more rustic look, purchase some burlap for a tablecloth or table runner, stop at the local orchard and pick up some white or orange colored pumpkins and gourds. Gather some fallen leaves from the trees outside to decorate and garnish your tabletop. Pinecones circled around a candle in a basket or a wooden bowl could add the finishing touch. Or simply tie your silverware with ribbon to match your color scheme and make some place cards asking your guests to write what it is that they are thankful for.

DIY sewing projects, sewing fabricIf you have children in your group of guests, make a special something for them to not only keep them occupied while others are eating and visiting, but also something that they can take home with them to use and adore in the future. Simply find a log and cut into 3-4 inch pieces. Drill 4-5 holes in one end for pencils or colors, cut out the gobbler from some felt, and his head and beak from thick construction paper and glue onto the log to make a turkey. For their placemat, you could find a picture of a turkey or a Thanksgiving scene, enlarge it, and have available for them to color and use their creativity. Now, what child wouldn’t be fond of that?

So, creating a beautiful table for your Thanksgiving dinner need not be stressful or break your budget. It all depends on what style you prefer. Make this Thanksgiving Day an inviting and joyous one for you and your guests to relax and enjoy the time to really give thanks, for life is good.

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DIY Sewing Project- Organize Down Time with Craft Tool Caddy

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Fabric Fast Online Fabric Store gives you ideas on how to organize your craft and sewing tools. Easy to do, use any left over sewing fabric or browse our selection.

Ever plop in your chair at night because you are exhausted from a hard day’s work? Your feet hurt, your head is pounding, and just when you get yourself situated to sew, crochet, read a book or relax, you realize that your tools, book or, worse yet, the remote isn’t at arm’s reach!

This problem can be easily solved by sewing up a fabric craft chair tool caddy. With pockets and compartments for whatever you desire, a caddy can be made to go over the entire seat of a wooden kitchen-like chair or over the arm of a recliner-type chair. Keep your remote, sewing notions, or even treats neatly packed away and easily accessible in a time of need.

fabric fast online fabric store chair caddy

First, you will need to measure the width of your chair and determine how long you would like the caddy to hang down each side. Find two panels of fabric in the color or design that you desire. You may also choose to use interfacing for a more rigid look and feel, depending on the type of fabric used. Stitch the two panels wrong sides together. Once the panels are sewn together, you’ll need to measure your tools and arrange on your panel, both left and right hand side. Remember to leave enough room in the center for the chair seat. Once your tools or gadgets are in place, make sure you have enough space in between to sew the pockets. Measure the length and width of your tools or objects. Also take into consideration the depth of your tools. Once you have your pocket fabric measured and cut, wrap over and pin the sides. Once all of the edges are pinned, you are ready to begin sewing. If you have an object that needs quite a bit of room for depth, you may wish to consider sewing in some pleats in the pocket to allow a little extra room for your tools (or snacks!) to easily slide in and out.

When the pockets are sewn, put a finishing touch around the edge of the caddy for a clean look. Ribbon or binding can also be used, depending on the look you wish to achieve. Once finished, put your tools into the pockets and, SNAP! you’re done!

Fill your pockets with scissors, knitting needles, crochet hooks, paper, pen, books, magazines, remotes, or even some snacks.  Kick back, put up your feet, relax and enjoy things at your fingertips. Isn’t life grand?

You can find your fabric and notions here on! We’ve got fabric prints for all ages and for every occasion and style. Our online fabric store was created to exceed your expectations with our large selection, friendly service, fast delivery, and unmatched value. Visit Fabric Fast, and start creating!

Fabric Fast Tips: Don’t Stress Over a Mess – Tie On an Apron

Fabric Fast offers an easy sewing project.

Use any type of sewing fabric to create an apron and avoid messes.

Whether pumpkin carving, holiday baking, or just doing the same daily routine, aprons help to keep you clean and organized. With the chilly temperatures upon us, you may find it is time to wake the soup pot from its slumber and begin peeling, cutting, and shredding for some hot soup with bread. Or maybe your kids convinced you to buy a few pumpkins and won’t leave you alone until the carving is done. It won’t be long until holiday baking begins and, of course, Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings is just around the corner!

fabric-fast-online-fabric-store-apronAll of these activities require a mixture of ingredients and recipes, many of which may be greasy or powder-like that can ruin your clothes if not handled appropriately. A fabric apron is just the right fix to these problems. Fabric Fast Online Fabric Store shows you how you can make a stylish apron that is cute enough for hosting your next party, but practical for everyday use.

With patterns galore, finding the perfect apron for yourself or as a gift should be as easy as pie. Even if you have no pattern, an apron could consist of a basic square if you are into simplicity. If you choose a full length apron, a little more time and thought would be needed. However, even a beautiful apron adorned with lace, ruffles, and other accessories is really quite a simple project and can be worn by men and women, adult or child.

An old or vintage pillowcase can be made into an apron in 15 minutes or less. Simply lay out the pillowcase and roll up the bottom about 8 inches and stitch along the folded edge. Turn the pillowcase over and fold the bottom up another 8 inches. There will now be 3 layers of pillowcase. Pin the layers together and top stitch around the sides and bottom edges. Mark a line down the middle of the front pocket, pin and stitch. Lay about 60 inches of 1 inch wide ribbon across the top edge of the apron centering it on the length of the ribbon. Pin in place. Topstitch ribbon at the top edge, bottom edge and across ribbon at sides of apron. You’re done and ready to tie it on, stuff the pockets, and look absolutely adorable!

Just think of the different uses of an apron; cooking, baking, gardening, grilling, or building.  Patterns with a floral design, polka dots, or old jeans with pockets can be crafted as aprons for young girls or boys. With a few simple embellishments a half or full apron can be personalized using seasonal, plaid, stripes, or a simple plain color. They can be trimmed with lace, ric-rac, buttons, contrasting trim, or whatever your little heart desires. Make one in every shape, size, and color to give as gifts. Embroider with a saying or personalize with initials to complete and fill a grilling basket, a baker’s basket, or gardening basket. What about the hair dresser who may need extra pockets or the waitress who could use five more pockets to keep her orders organized?

The ideas are endless and the time spent fun. Take a deep look at who the recipient might be and tailor the apron around their personality. Don’t stress when you have a mess in the kitchen -  tie on an apron, keep calm, and cook on! Take a look at the abundance of fabrics and materials we offer at and let us help you make the apron you desire or fashion a truly unique gift your relatives and friends would love to receive!

Fabric Fast Tips- Tangled Mess to Fabric Jewelry Organizer

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fabric fast online fabric store jewelry organizer

Do you have too much jewelry, no way to store it, and tired of a tangled up mess? Can’t find the matching set because the earrings are stuck in a drawer and your necklace has been misplaced or still stuck in your gym bag from the night before? Fabric Fast online fabric store is here to help! Find (or buy) yourself some standard sewing fabric and a few other items and get yourself organized in a simple yet fashionable way.

An old window frame or divided door can be recycled and reused to make a fashionable jewelry display in a short amount of time. A couple of fat quarters of fabric in a design and color of your choice can be inserted into each divided space to separate the sections for earrings, necklaces and bracelets. A bright hot pink might be perfect for a young girl’s room, a more subtle pattern or plain color for your own bedroom, or bright and retro for the teenage girl. In fact, this framed piece of art could also be used as a bulletin board with each member of the family having their own separate compartment.

Once the fabric is cut to the appropriate size, glue or Mod Podge to a back board, then attach to the divided window or door section. Simple as that, you are done. Small plated steel screw hooks work wonderfully well to hang necklaces and bracelets and a small, thin nail is best for dangle earrings. For post like earrings, a piece of foam-like substance could be placed behind your fabric to allow the earrings to stick into the foam to be held in place.

Once finished, hang on the wall of your bedroom or closet for easy accessibility and ease in coordination with your outfit of the day. Everyone wants to be organized and this would be a great way to take charge of yourself or your family with hectic schedules and/or lost articles.

You can find your fat quarters or other fun fabric here on! We’ve got fabric prints for all ages and for every occasion and style. Our online fabric store was created to exceed your expectations with our large selection, friendly service, fast delivery, and unmatched value. Visit Fabric, and start creating!

Fabric Headbands Galore

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fabric fast online fabric storeHave a new baby girl, a youngster starting school, or a daughter that is off to college? Delight them with a unique fabric headband to accessorize their outfit. Whether for a first picture of your newborn, a school picture for your youngster, or just to fit in at college, a fabric headband can complete the outfit and make their faces glow with happiness.

Simple and easy, headbands can be made completely from fabric or added to an already existing band purchased at a local store. The latest trend tends to be a big, bright bow off to the side.  Want something unique and eclectic? Embellish with several fabric flowers, feathers, buttons, or beads to draw attention to them.

Some can be made with a bit of elastic sewn in the back to keep in place, while others can be a simple bandana-type to be tied in the back. Use patterns and colors of any sort to match their outfit or make them in school colors to wear on the gym floor during a basketball game.

Often times, headbands are seen worn by women suffering from cancer who have lost their hair in the midst of chemotherapy treatments. Instead of a scarf, some may choose to wear a simple headband that focuses on their personality. A headband can certainly show their identity. For instance, if they have a bright, bubbly personality, a cheerfully decorated headband would express that side of them. If they are more quiet and reserved, a small, neutral colored bow may do the trick.

Use your creativity and style to fashion your headband. Decide on the personality of the recipient and let your creative juices flow. They are perfect gifts for all ages and require a limited amount of time and money. Have a headband for every day of the week or every day of the month!

You can find your fabric for headbands here on! We’ve got fabric prints for all ages and for every occasion and style. Our online fabric store was created to exceed your expectations with our large selection, friendly service, fast delivery, and unmatched value. Visit Fabric Fast, and start creating!

Fabric Fast DIY Sewing Tips- Door and Window Draft Stoppers

Fun DIY Sewing Projects by Fabric Fast Online Fabric Store

With cooler weather approaching in the Midwest, it may be time to consider preparing your home for winter. One important “energy eater” to investigate is whether your doors and windows allow for a draft which can cause a significant increase in your heating bills. An easy and fast solution from Fabric Fast Online Fabric Store to help prevent unwanted drafts is making a door or window draft stopper. Now, doesn’t that sound like a fun, easy DIY sewing project?

fabric fast online fabric store DIY  sewing projects draft stopperDraft stoppers can be made from any fabric that has a tight weave. Depending on the style and color you are looking for, you can even use an old pant leg! You will need a rectangle piece of fabric that is long enough to extend across the width of the door or window, and wide enough so you can fold it over to make a tube. Don’t forget to add a seam allowance. If a unique yet nice appearance is what you are looking for, you may wish to sew some fat quarters together or purchase some fabric suitable to match your room’s décor.

Typically, draft stoppers are filled with something with a bit of weight to hold it in place. Items such as old socks, pillow stuffing, or scraps of fabric can be used. However, it is beneficial to use something with a bit more weight such as dry beans, cat litter, pebbles, or sand, and pour it into a zip-closure bag to keep it from leaking. Putting the fabric or solid substances in zip-closure bags also ensures keeping the stuffing material dry when used in a door draft stopper.

Decorating or accessorizing your stopper will be easiest to do before sewing and while the fabric is flat. Once you have cut and embellished your fabric (if desired), you are ready to begin.

Simply sew the long sides together, right sides facing each other and then sew one short side closed. Turn the fabric right side out and push out corners for a nice look. Fill the draft stopper with the filler of your choice and, finally, fold in the fabric on the open end and sew.

You are ready to place your unique draft stopper in front of your window or door and listen to the wind whistle outside while you sit inside all cozy and content with a hot chocolate in hand.  Isn’t life grand?

Fabric Fast Online Fabric Store DIY Sewing Projects

DIY Sewing Project from Fabric Fast Online Fabric Store

Delight toddlers and fill your baby’s room with washable fabric blocks that you can make yourself. Whether you are a beginning sewer or quite experienced, use your imagination to mix and match colors and patterns to make delightful blocks that any child will enjoy. In fact, they’re so cute, you may find yourself stacking and playing with your toddler.

Blocks can be personalized by adding letters or shapes to your desire and are amazingly easy to make. All that is needed is a foam cube and six fabric squares. Typically a 4 inch cube would suffice for a good sized block, however any size foam can be used depending on the size block you choose. Pick up some adorable fabric that is eye-catching and suitable for the tenacious toddler or baby. Whatever size cube you use, simply cut your fabric one-half inch wider than your foam. A sharp knife usually works best for cutting the foam block.

fabric fast online fabric storeCut six fabric squares and sew into a cross shape (4 squares down and 3 across). It is important to note that to make nice square corners, do not stitch all the way to the edge of the fabric. Start and stop stitching one-fourth inch from all edges.



Fabric Fast Online Fabric Store DIY Sewing ProjectsOnce sewn, fold the bottom square on a diagonal angle and then sew the side seam.  Repeat for each of the four side seams. You should now have a box with a flap on top.




Fabric Fast Online Fabric Store DIY Sewing ProjectsYou’re almost done! Next sew two sides of the top flap, leaving one side open to stuff. Turn the block right side out and square out the corners with a pencil or object with somewhat of a point. Now take your foam cube and stuff through the opening. Finally, stitch the opening shut and you have a beautiful block that twinkles with creativity and fun, is soft for the hands of little ones, is washable, and will provide endless hours of enjoyment for your little bundle.

GOOD NEWS!! You can find your fabric for baby blocks here on Fabric Fast!  We’ve got fabric prints for all ages and for every occasion and style. Our online fabric store was created to exceed your expectations with our large selection, friendly service, fast delivery, and unmatched value. Visit today, and start creating!

Scarves…For Fashion or for Warmth- Fabric Fast

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Fabric Fast Online Fabric Store ScarvesNow that the kids have gone back to school or college, it seems the big rave in style is wearing scarves. They are accessories that are as fashionable as they are functional, and there are numerous ways to tie and wear a scarf. It is simple to make that little black dress look new again, give class to a plain white t-shirt, dress up a jean jacket, or just wear it because it fits your taste and style for the day. Scarves can be a blessing in the autumn and winter months to keep the wicked wind from chilling you to the bone.

Scarves come in so many shapes, sizes, lengths, and colors.  While many are used as head scarves for women who may be going through cancer treatment and lost their hair, others are purchased for the warm and practical reason, and yet others to give off an air of masculine or feminine elegance to match the color of the individual’s coat.  Many individuals prefer a scarf to be warm enough to stand up to the long, cold Midwest winters, yet soft enough to wear against the skin without itching.  Some prefer longer scarves to loop around the neck and have tails to tuck into the coat. Others prefer a shorter scarf to be used more as a neck warmer. Made from any type of fabric, scarves can be combined and worked into any outfit; from the studded biker jacket to the top of a hippie head, for warmth, or to dress up an outfit for an elegant, formal event.

With numerous styles and patterns, scarves can be easily made in just a few minutes. Flannel and minky fabrics make a great scarf for warmth, while cotton, linen or silk make a scarf elegant or “chic.”  Pom-poms or lace can be added for a different look. Embellish with jewels or buttons, or simply sew two different colors or patterns together for a coordinated look. Stencil a plain colored cotton fabric, or wear a wool scarf like a cowl neck. The possibilities are endless. Depending on what style you choose, jazz up your wardrobe, tie one on, and enjoy the look.

You can find your fabric for scarves here on! We’ve got fabric prints for all ages and for every occasion and style. Our online fabric store was created to exceed your expectations with our large selection, friendly service, fast delivery, and unmatched value. Visit Fabric Fast, and start creating!